Volunteers on Tour!

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Paul Cooper and Sue Jesson (Front of House & Heritage Group Volunteers) are a couple whose love blossomed during the time they spent at the theatre. They did not know each other before meeting at the theatre; after losing both … Continued

Community Company Update

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Theatre Royal Community Company formed as a direct response to individual community members that had previously accessed Theatre Royal Outreach Workshops and asked ‘when can we do more…’. Participants had engaged with theatre making skills including: writing for performance, creative … Continued

Wimbledon Tickets Raffle 2019

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2019 Wimbledon Ticket Raffle

This is your chance to win a pair of Centre Court tickets for The Championships on Saturday 13 July 2019 – Ladies’ Singles Final Day The Wimbledon Foundation has kindly donated a pair of complimentary Centre Court tickets for The … Continued