Jack and The Beanstalk

Full House Theatre in Partnership with Luton Culture

Tue 9 — Wed 10 Apr

at Theatre Royal

Jack and the Beanstalk gets the ‘Full House’ treatment, with a gripping story, wonderful characters, mesmerising giant puppetry and original music for family members big and small to enjoy.

Jack Spratt’s Dairy is struggling in a modern world, so Jack and chums put their heads together to find a solution. Should they sell the cow? Make milkshakes instead of milk? Find themselves some magic beans? Surely not? When Jack climbs up to cloudland, he reflects on the world below and his place within it. Fathers, sons, friends and heroes, we can all be brave and bold like Jack and find our own place in the world.

This hilarious new show offers a new perspective on a traditional tale for today’s families. You may laugh, you may cry, but it’s guaranteed that all will be entertained by this original take on the classic story.

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