Special Events

Lunchtime Concert – The Rococo Ensemble

Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds

Mon 5 Nov

at Theatre Royal

The Rococos, a local group specialising in music of the Baroque period, present a concert entirely devoted to vocal and instrumental music, sacred and secular, by Marc-Antoine Charpentier, one of the greatest composers of late 17th century France.

The Rococo Ensemble with feature the flute, violoncello da spalla, harpischord and other Baroque instruments.

The violoncello da spalla is a very rare Baroque instrument, larger than a viola, smaller than a cello, it has 5-strings and is played in the violin/viola position. It was around in J S Bach’s time and has been revived in recent years.

Tickets include tea, coffee and cakes after the concert.


Claire Robinson – Soprano and Keyboard
Patrick Crooke – Violoncello da Spalla
Jean Hudson – Treble Recorder and Violin
Jackie Cuninghame – Treble Recorder and Keyboard
Alastair Cuninghame – Voice Flute, Descant Recorder, Transverse Flute and Keyboard


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