Seven Ages

Kepow Theatre Company

Performed Thu 21 Feb

at Theatre Royal

Through a series of short scenes, a variety of topics are explored; childhood adventures, falling in love, attempting to find a rewarding purpose in life and enjoying new hobbies in retirement. Praised for its wonderful combination of comedy, drama and pathos, Seven Ages aims to explore two of the most important questions one can ever ask oneself: Why am I here? and What’s important in my life?

A truly unique show that makes one re-assess one’s priorities in life, whilst simultaneously making you laugh. Suitable for 12-102 year olds, but not 103 year olds.

Impossible not to fall for Kevin Tomlinson’s highly engaging comedy show ‘Seven Ages’; packed houses and audience adored. Genuine popular theatre...that will definitely sell out!

Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

Tomlinson reminds me of a young Robin Williams, due to the electricity and enthusiasm which he exudes...definitely one of the most feel-good shows around!

Paramount Comedy Channel

Excellent, this is a must see show!

The Times (New Zealand)

Fantastic! Magical comedy theatre!

Edinburgh Herald

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