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September 2017

Bury Concert Series : Alexandra Vaduva

Mon 18 Sep

Alexandra Vaduva: Winner of the Vienna International Piano Competition.

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October 2017

Bury Concert Series : Laura Snowden

Mon 16 Oct

Laura Snowden: Classical guitar's new champion.

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November 2017

Bury Concert Series : Alke Quartet

Mon 20 Nov

Alke Quartet: They have astonishing stylistic and tonal unanimity.

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February 2018

Bury Concert Series : Eblana String Trio

Mon 19 Feb

Eblana String Trio: Winners of the Royal Northern College of Music chamber music award.

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March 2018

Bury Concert Series : Bella Tromba

Mon 19 Mar

Bella Tromba: They play with ritzy sophistication.

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